Our English Language Programme


All English Language syllabuses provided by the London College of Music (LCM) are carefully aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Each language course focuses on qualities that will give our students an advantage in using English in their future activities, both at school and in their future careers. Heavy emphasis is placed on oral communication.


The overriding concept behind the LCM English Language Programme is to assist our pupils to develop their English proficiency from having no prior knowledge at all to becoming fluent in communicating in English with native speakers.

Each stage in the programme will culminate in an external examination leading to the award of an international certification awarded jointly by the University of West London and the London College of Music.


Our English Language offering consists of three different programmes:


1.    EARLY LEARNING programme

2.    STEPS programme

3.    GRADES programme



Our courses


Based on these three programmes, BIG BEN International Centre of English, Music and the Arts offers six different courses. Although all courses are tied in with certain year levels at school, as shown in the table below, the eventual placement of our students into specific courses will depend on their current proficiency level in English, as well as their exposure to the English language at school.