In line with the personal convictions of its founders, BIG BEN International Centre for English, Music and the Arts aims to be a business based on the following guiding principles, which are supported by our mission and corporate values:


>  People are our main asset

We therefore acknowledge that all our stakeholders have the right to be treated with dignity, honesty and respect at all times.                                           

> Unswerving commitment to quality

Our business ethos is one of always going the extra mile to create added value for our stakeholders. This guiding principle means that we never to take the easy way out, but rather aim for "continuous and never-ending improvement" (CANI) in all business interactions with our various stakeholders.


> Student success rate is a main success indicator

As the field of education is a result-oriented industry, we aim to achieve a hundred percent success rate on external assessments with a zero percent drop-out rate. However, "success" for our students means more than just acing exams; it means that our students are to grow in confidence and maturity through their interactions with us; that they learn to enjoy the process of studying and develop effective study strategies; that they become lifelong learners and come to see this attribute as a valuable key to their future success. We realize that this can only be achieved if the owners and teachers of our business are lifelong learners as well.


> Transparency as the key to a healthy business

Our stakeholders have the right to know all the pros and cons of our business, and there are to be no secrets towards anyone. This philosophy is very much dependent on creating open lines of communication and quality personal relationships based on trust.


> Mutual benefit as the key to business longevity

We fully acknowledge that our business can only flourish in the long term if all stakeholders involved benefit from it; our customers need to obtain benefits from our services that are above their expectations; our employees have the right to fair and performance-based remuneration, job satisfaction and professional growth; our investors deserve an on-going return on investment and acknowledgement of their service to our company.