GRADES programme 


  •          The Grades programme constitutes a logical continuation of the ESOL Early Learning and ESOL Steps programs.


  •          The programme is divided into eight consecutive courses of four months each, i.e. Grade 1 to Grade 8.


  •          The aim is to guide our students towards becoming advanced speakers who can engage fluently and confidently with native speakers. Each new Grade that students take represents a further advance towards full command of English.


  •          The final examination consists of four elements:
  1.    Performance: this is a remembered piece of literature or factual material. It is called performance because we stress that it is important for students of English to enjoy holding the attention of an audience. This will be a crucial advantage to their future academic and professional careers. This emphasis is growing globally every year.
  2.    Presentation: this again stresses the relationship with an audience, but now the purpose is to be clear with information and illustration while still engaging the listeners.
  3.    Sight Reading: this is a good test of how quickly the candidate can assess language patterns, and hence the meaning and structure of a passage, and is at the same time a valuable reading skill when communicating in groups.
  4.    Interaction: this brings to fulfilment the importance of listening as well as speaking, and for being able to make relevant and confident responses in conversation.


  •          For each Grade course, our students can choose between three different examinations which lead to three distinct qualifications:
  1. Candidates enrolling for the Performance and Presentation components of the course will receive an Award in Performance and Presentation;
  2. Candidates enrolling for the Sight Reading and Interaction components of the course will receive an Award in Spoken English Skills;   
  3. Candidates enrolling for all four assessment components of the course will receive a Double Award in Spoken English, Performance and Presentation Skills.


  •          The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the difficulty levels of the Grades program are referred to as follows:
  1.    Waystage level (Grades 1 to 3) 
  2.    Threshold level (Grades 4 to 5) 
  3.    Vantage level (Grades 6 to 7)
  4.    Operational Proficiency level (Grade 8)