About Us

BIG BEN International Academy for Music, English and Performing Arts was established In May 2017 with a government business registered name PT. MARIDA Edutama Bhakti in its initial location in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. In March 2019, the academy found a new direction with new managers and business partners. Now, with a new management team with long and successful experiences with education management and performing art productions, the new Big Ben is expected to grow faster and bigger giving International quality performing art and English language education at a new and better venue at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Indonesia.


We offer our performing art, music and language programmes on-site at our office venue and also directly to corporate clients, including schools. All our courses are open to people of all ages. 


Our Services

Our Mission

1. Maintain a team that is committed 100% to excellent quality of teaching and positive result.

2. Provide an international quality music education programme and facilities.

3. Nurture and train qualified teachers to produce excellent students.

4. Develop student’s talents up to the highest level.

5. Innovate & create music events and projects.

6. Create more school branches and partners all over the World and make a global difference in music, language and performing art education.


Our Corporate Values

In order to achieve the above mission, we aim to build our business with consistent adherence to the following corporate values:

* Creativity

* Innovative

* Unique 

* Commitment to quality

*  Honesty

*  Integrity

*  Respect

*  Transparency



The Board of Directors & Commissioners

Hidajat Firdaus, MBA
Founder & Programme Director
Fellow of the London College of Music 
International Representative for LCM Exams 


Our Unique Product Features

BIG BEN International Academy for Music, English, and Performing Arts differs from our competitors through our affiliation with the London College of Music (LCM), which is part of the University of West London (UWL). The main benefits to our customers of this unique affiliation are as follows:

1.     Our students get access to tried and tested programmes and curriculums that are currently offered in over 40 countries worldwide;

2.     Our courses are regulated by Ofqual, the UK governmental body which sets the European standard for educational quality assurance;

3.     All our examinations are administered and graded by European Professors from the London College of Music;

4.     All our certificates are awarded jointly by the University of West London and London College of Music;

5.     Our qualifications are mapped onto the British Regulated Qualifications and Credit Framework (RQF) and provide credit points for application to European universities. 


Our Vision

To be recognized as a prestigious global school of Music, language and performing arts by digging the potential on each students, leading the way to the future and fulfilling our mission and dreams.

Through our most innovative, dedicated, productive and excellent teachers, musicians, singers, and art performers, We wish to bring this nation to achieve higher world recognition in the field of music, language and performing arts.



Founder & Commissioner

Linda Li

President Director

President Commissioner

David Cadlum Saraza, ALCM (TD), FLCM